All societies are a complex mix of behaviors and worldviews that influence a person’s way of viewing the world and their place in it. Everyone looks at the world through colored lenses that affect how we interpret other people’s actions and define how we respond to them. One person’s worldview may be different from another’s, leading each to interpret and respond differently to the same situation. To promote effective intercultural interactions, we need to understand the worldview that we adhere to as well as the worldviews of others. To identify culturally driven enablers and disablers that steer positive interactions, we need to consider people’s diverse, underlying cultural beliefs and assumptions. The Three Colors of Worldview presented in this session provides an excellent and easy foundation for analyzing intercultural situations!

17 October: World Mental Health Day (10 October) – All Together – organized by Ashurst

30 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Nov 25) – Interactive All Together organized by Morrison & Foerster together with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

5 December: Bi-monthly LDIA meeting – closing 2023